5G-INSIGHT Project workshop: October, 7th 2022

5G-INSIGHT Consortium

The partners

5G-INSIGHT consortium consists of 5 partners from 2 countries (France and Luxembourg). Read more...
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5G-INSIGHT is an ANR-FNR project:
ANR : The French National Research Agency (ANR) funds project-based research carried out by public operators cooperating with each other or with private companies.
FNR : The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) is the main funder of research activities in Luxembourg


Events and Media:

- bi-monthly meetings (Monday at 5pm)

- Project start: 1 st April 2021

- In person meeting: 1 st october 2022

- In person meeting: 2 st November 2023

- Smart city expo world congress, Barcelona, Spain (Nov 2021, Nov 2022)

- ICT Spring, Luxembourg (Jun 2022)

- Presse Realise

- Communication about the project in PVF (Pôle Véhicule du futur) cluster on December 9th 2020